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Home excess insurance

About home excess insurance

Our Home Excess Policy refunds the cost of your building & contents insurance excess cost, when you have found yourself with no choice but to make a claim. This policy allows you to recoup excess monies paid out when you have had to make a claim against your home contents or buildings insurance. Whether your plasma TV has fallen off the wall, the dog has chewed up the living room carpet or high winds have made a mess of your roof, claiming on home insurance always comes with the associated outlay of excess. This seperate policy allows you to claim back any excess that you have had to pay out.

The compulsory excess is set by your insurance provider, but you should be able to set the level of your voluntary excess. If you opt for a higher voluntary level, your insurer will often reduce the price of your home insurance premium and with home excess insurance you can insure against all excess costs, compulsory and voluntary.

Policy summary

Home (& contents)

Annual Policy (Renewable)

From £250 to £2000

  • Multiple Claims Allowed (up to cover limit)
  • Covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
  • 14 day money back guarantee

To summarise

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to make a claim, then your excess cost will be the sum of your compulsory and voluntary excess costs. For example, if your voluntary excess is £100, and your compulsory excess is £200 you will be able to claim back through your excess insurance the full £300 that you have had to pay out.

Cost calculator & policy download

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per annum

  • £29.99
  • £31.99
  • £32.99
  • £39.99
  • £49.99
  • £64.99
  • £79.99

Annual cost

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Benefits for you

  • Peace of mind
  • Money back guarantee
  • Outstanding service
  • Protected by the FSCS Scheme

What our clients say...

  • "Cover £2,000 of your motor excess for £79.99 per year. It's an absolutely fantastic service from ExcessFree."
    Laura O'Neil - Stratford, London
  • "From as little as £29.99 a year you can cover up to £2000 on your home excess. Outstanding value."
    Joshua Wood - Westcotes, Leicester
  • "Motor, home and travel excess insurance, all for an affordable price! Excellent offer from ExcessFree."
    Sarah Barlow - Duddeston, Birmingham
  • “Good value for money, let’s hope I don’t have to claim.”
    Samuel Morgan - Heswall, Liverpool
  • “Very impressed, simple to setup and the cover level is one of the best I’ve found.”
    Marcus Lowe - Carlton, Nottingham
  • “Quick, smooth and responsive customer service when I needed to contact them regarding my claim. Highly recommended”
    Jilly Cross - Nursling, Southampton
  • "Become Excess Free and save money"
    Sir Stirling Moss


What is home excess insurance?

This policy can pay your home excess up to a total of £2000 following the successful settlement of your home insurance claim.

How can I purchase this insurance?

This can be done on-line using either a credit or debit card using your ExcessFree account.

How long can I buy this policy for?

You can buy this insurance policy for a term of 1 year, this is a renewable policy.

Can I transfer my policy to another house?

Yes, if you purchase a new primary home during the cover period.

Do I still need home insurance?

Yes, home insurance is a must; home excess insurance is a supplementary product to your home insurance and is not there to replace it.

When does my cover start?

Your cover begins after 14 days.