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Lifestyle excess insurance

About lifestyle excess insurance

Our Lifestyle Excess Policy refunds your excess payments on multiple insurance policies, including home & contents, motor, pet, travel and health insurance policies. It is bad enough having to make a claim in the first place without having events compounded by being forced to pay out a significant amount by way of an excess, with no chance of ever seeing it again. All policies have an excess requirement but with a lifestyle excess policy you can cover multiple policies and claim these costs back.

You can claim multiple times across your policies up to the monetary limit you have chosen within one year. The amount you claim must be greater than the excess of the policy. This single policy affords you the peace of mind that should anything accidental or unfortunate happen, that you will be reimbursed any obligatory excess costs.

Your policy will also cover you in the event of a settled claim on your main insurance policy where you are unable to recover your excess from a third party.

Policy summary

Home, Motor*, Travel, Health & Pet

Annual Policy (Renewable)

From £250 to £2000

  • Multiple Claims Allowed (up to cover limit)
  • Covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
  • 14 day money back guarantee

*In the event of a motor insurance excess, if your motor insurer deems the claim NOT to be your fault this policy will provide cover if you are unable to recover your excess from the third party within 6 months of the claim being settled.

In summary

This multi-excess policy covers you for an equal amount of excess for your home & contents, motor, pet, travel and health insurance policies. Offering complete peace of mind in a single excess insurance policy, you are able to recoup your excess costs, up to your specified cover limit, whether you have to make a claim in relation to a broken TV, medical health bill or as the result of a bump in your car.

Cost calculator & policy download

Select cover limit

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per annum

  • £83.96
  • £87.66
  • £99.99
  • £127.85
  • £143.88
  • £187.77
  • £231.66

Annual cost

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Benefits for you

  • Peace of mind
  • Money back guarantee
  • Outstanding service
  • Protected by the FSCS Scheme

What our clients say...

  • "Cover £2,000 of your motor excess for £79.99 per year. It's an absolutely fantastic service from ExcessFree."
    Laura O'Neil - Stratford, London
  • "From as little as £29.99 a year you can cover up to £2000 on your home excess. Outstanding value."
    Joshua Wood - Westcotes, Leicester
  • "Motor, home and travel excess insurance, all for an affordable price! Excellent offer from ExcessFree."
    Sarah Barlow - Duddeston, Birmingham
  • “Good value for money, let’s hope I don’t have to claim.”
    Samuel Morgan - Heswall, Liverpool
  • “Very impressed, simple to setup and the cover level is one of the best I’ve found.”
    Marcus Lowe - Carlton, Nottingham
  • “Quick, smooth and responsive customer service when I needed to contact them regarding my claim. Highly recommended”
    Jilly Cross - Nursling, Southampton
  • "Become Excess Free and save money"
    Sir Stirling Moss


What is lifestyle excess insurance?

Lifestyle excess insurance provides cover against the excess paid by you to your health, motor, household, travel and pet insurers just in case you have to make a claim against one of these insurance policies.  

How can I purchase this policy?

This can be done on-line using either a credit or debit card using your ExcessFree account.

How long does this policy last for?

You can buy this insurance policy for a term of 1 year, this is a renewable policy.

When can I buy this policy?

You are able to purchase this policy at any time.

Can I transfer my policy to another vehicle?

Yes, if you purchase a new primary vehicle during the cover period.

When and how do I receive my policy documents?

You will receive your policy documents once you have confirmed your payment, you will receive these via email.

When does cover commence?

Your cover will start after 14 days.